Hacked Leadership: Innovation Acceleration

Personalized Learning, UDL, and Innovation with Kathleen McClaskey

March 31, 2017

Kathleen McClaskey co-author of How to Personalize Learning, joins me to discuss personalized learning through the UDL lens of access, engage and express and how personalized learning connects to and inspires innovation. Kathleen, inspired by the work of Chris Watkins built numerous frameworks to help educators learn to personalize learning in the classroom. Her books, co-authored with Barbara Bray, provide easy-to-follow steps for educators and leaders.

In this episode, Kathleen inspires us to promise agency to every learner in the classroom. She talks to me about how students achieve learner agency and the importance of changing our vernacular to use the word learner instead of the word student. 

Kathleen and I cover:

  • How schools and teachers can start personalizing learning in their classrooms.
  • Understanding the UDL lens and how learners Access, Engage and Express information in the classroom to achieve agency.
  • How students achieve learner agency.
  • How personalized learning increases and connects to innovation.



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